Dragon Ball Z Budokai X




Fighting game based on Dragon Ball featuring all sagas


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All Dragon Ball fans will welcome this game. Although the game can seem a bit simple, it's extremely addictive, it's very easy to play but difficult to master and you'll have to beat lots of enemies because the game includes all the characters of all sages: Cell, Buu, Sayan, Freezer and Androids.

The fantastic anime that dazzled millions of fans with the books and, of course, TV series, has also a free game where you'll be able to take the role of your favorite character and give all your enemies a terrible beating using punchs and kicks, as well as the personal movements of each character.

Forget all those difficult combos, use kicks and punchs and a bit of magic power to beat your enemies.

Visually, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X is far good, a 2D fighting game that will hook you to the computer for hours enjoying Dragon Ball again.

In short, an addictive game for all Dragon Ball fans, don't hesitate, download Dragon Ball Budokai X and hae hours of fun.
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